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You are 1 of 1. And you should have a song to accompany the best things and moments in life. Starting at $19.99

  • 40th Birthday Song

    Song for an architect celebrating her birthday. Soft singer songwriter to match her style.

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  • Throw Your Fours Up

    New Year's rap anthem. Custom song about a trip to Miami tp celebrate 2024.

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  • Birthday Bash

    1 of 1 song for soccer, Star Wars loving birthday boy. Upbeat modern kids song.

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  • Legend Of Legends

    Rock song about a chimp anmed Yusef Chuckles partying in Las Vegas. An Anthem.

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  • nashavebeachcclub.png__PID:d4c3782c-887f-4dd3-ad69-c286deb04226

    Nashville Ave. Beach Club

    Summer vibes song. Theme music for the beach headquarters for a group of friends.

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  • Drunk in Margate

    Party song about a summer beach town. Having a great time and drinking too much.

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  • Custom Lullaby

    For a sweet baby named Russell. A counrty folk song that will help him fall asleep. Great gift.

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  • Custom Workout Song

    Unstoppable Chris. Motivational workout song tailored with an upbeat hip-hop vibe.

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  • Parody Song

    TT Super Love. Modern pop song about a famous couple partying at the big game out in Las Vegas.

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